Expertise at your side

Expertise at your side

We are a medium-sized company based in Unterwellenborn Thuringia (Germany). Our services include specialised and standard demolition works for civil engineering projects, container services as well as long-distance transport fleet. Currently, 130 people are employed and in action for you all over Europe.

Quality in all areas and fairness in every situation are the cornerstones our corporate philosophy and form the basis of all relationships.

We are looking forward to your inquiries and we are available at all times with "expertise at your side".



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To protect and enhance the environment


Our company philosophy is based on the comprehensive protection of the environment, in particular the protection of natural resources. Qualified staff, modern technology and the conscientious application of our management system ensure the high quality of our services.

Continuous monitoring of the implementation of the Recycling Management Act, the development of environmental awareness of employees, the transparency of our environmental policy and an open dialogue with the responsible  authorities, are themes which our company is constantly reviewing.