About us

We are a medium-sized company based in Unterwellenborn Thuringia (Germany). Our services include specialised and standard demolition works for civil engineering projects, container services as well as long-distance transport fleet. Currently, 130 people are employed and in action for you all over Europe.

Quality in all areas and fairness in every situation are the cornerstones our corporate philosophy and form the basis of all relationships.

We are looking forward to your inquiries and we are available at all times with "expertise at your side".



Board of Directors


Supervisory Board

RA Dietmar Schmidt - Vorsitzender

Dipl. Ökonom Klaus Bauer
Silvio Thielsch

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Establishment of the company

Together with ten employees, Hans Betting started the collection of secondary raw materials (later known as recycling).


Establishment of the Container Service Betting & Ernst GmbH


Retirement of partner Rudolf Ernst GmbH und renaming of the company to Container Service Betting GmbH


Legal title changed to Betting AG on the 24/07/2001